Monday, December 6, 2021

New Forum Boards Added! + Forum Main Pic To Be Fixed

Good evening/morning Ringers! I hope you're all doing well!! 😄

The forum has now been properly organized and updated with several new categories and boards for:

• Soundtrack discussion

• Life and fandoms outside LOTR 

• Miscellaneous LOTR and

• Roleplaying

💥 The news feed has also been updated so please check that out! 

💥 And at the bottom of the forum homepage I've added a shoutbox where I post extra updates and sometimes ask for some feedback on technical issues, so please take a look at that regularly as well and feel free to give any feedback.

💥 I am currently looking into fixing the main pic on the forum as it doubles over on some devices. I will get that taken care of as soon as I can!

Thank you to everyone who has joined lately and is showing interest in the forum! We really appreciate your support and are so happy you're here! We hope you continue to enjoy AUO! Have a great week!

- Synariel the Admin

Thursday, October 28, 2021

New Forum Members & Posts !!!

Good news!!! People are joining the forum!!! We got multiple new members just today as well as over a hundred visitors! Thank you so much to everyone who visits and who has joined! I'm so excited to see that our forum is growing!!! 😃🎉

I've made some new threads as well in the fan section and FOTR section to start more conversations. Please check them out and share your thoughts! Also feel free to start threads yourself in any of the boards! 💛

- Synariel the Admin

Hello My Friends!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Synariel, the Admin of Arwen-Undomiel-Official. Welcome to AUO! 😁

This website was built by inspiration of and sadly, to also kind of replace the original fansite as we've lost contact with the Admin and Moderators there and it's proven quite impossible to keep that site up and running when we can't update or watch over it properly. :( We did our best there but realized it was time to make a new place for us to gather and talk about Tolkien's amazing works and Peter Jackson's cinematic masterpieces. 

As the era of the movies has ended, I will be updating this website with other Tolkien related things for you all to enjoy! Please look forward to it, and please let me know if you there is anything you would like to see me post about in the updates!

Also, please be sure to come and sign up for our forum which is officially open now! You can find the link to it above under the main pic! 

Thanks so much for visiting! Please come again!

- Synariel the Admin